Monday, June 27, 2016
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Big Dog Graphic Film Run With The Big Dogs!BIG DOG GRAPHIC FILM for helmets

• Thick Vinyl for reverse printing Sport Helmet Decals
• Clear adhesive on a clear liner for Helmets & Hardhats

Big Dog™ is a unique super flexible and thick sub-surface printable decal material. It is crystal clear and glossy.

And it is specially formulated for you to print on with your thermal transfer printer such as the Gerber Edge.

The benefit of Thermal transfer printing is that you can print white behind the colors to brighten them up when the decals are being applied to dark helmets.

Big Dog™ “Reverse Print” vinyl comes in 15” punched format for the Gerber Edge, and is available in 12 mil. and 20 mil. thicknesses.

The best attribute of printing on Big Dog™ vinyl is the K-9 transfer adhesive that is applied to it after printing.

Big Dog

Convex GearWrap
Big Dog Graphic Film for Helmets Convex GearWrap
12 or 20 mil Big Dog with
2 mil K-9 Adhesive
Super tough and thick helmet decals
8 mil Convex High-Bond with
8 mil Convex Laminate
Helmet decals
Big Dog Graphic Film

Big Dog Graphic Film

Big Dog Graphic Films are unique super flexible and thick decal materials. They are crystal clear and glossy. Combine Big Dog with K-9 adhesive for the most professional looking decals available. K-9 is specially formulated clear adhesive on a clear liner that runs flawlessly through plotters without lifting or jamming.

K-9 adhesive has two clear liners, one glossy and one matte. The glossy liner is removed when you laminate K-9 to the printed vinyl. The matte clear liner is left on the product until it is ready to be applied.

This allows you to see what you printed. K-9 is a permanent adhesive, but should remove cleanly from most helmets if removed within a year from the original application*

*This makes your decals professional looking and refurbishing helmets less labor intensive.